Frequently Asked Questions

We cater to a wide variety of customers, and we want you to find the physical NFC device that's best for you.

A restaurant may want to use Card with a table-stand NFC device for people to leave Google reviews, easily access something like Resy from their phone contacts, and also follow them on Instagram so the restaurant can market to them, while an individual may want a small circle on the back of their phone.

We'll handle the software for you, and we suggest finding the correct, potentially custom, NFC device on a place like etsy.com




Anyone can receive your Card, even if they don't have our app installed.

They can view it from a custom card.cards/YourName link at any time, and if you meet in person, they can scan your QR right from your lock screen, and quickly add to contacts. 

Creating categories is great for organizing your Cards after particular networking events, or levels of leads.

On Mobile;


Tap account

Tap Categories

Tap the + in the top right, and create categories


Then to add existing Cards to categories,

Tap the three dots on the Card

Tap Add to Category and select the category

On Desktop;


Click your name in the top right

Click Categories

Click Add Category


Then to add existing Cards to categories

Click the three dots on the Card

Click Add to Category and select the category


When adding Cards in the future, there will be an option to add to Card to an existing category.

Card helps you manage your business cards and add notes on the fly at networking events, so you can have enriched follow up conversations later. You’ll probably want all this info in your CRM

On Desktop;

Click My Cards

Click Export

If your team does any networking, they should use Card to manage their business cards and build stronger relationships with the people they meet. The Corporate Manager allows leaders to give Card to their team.

On Desktop;


Click Upgrade

Upgrade to the Corporate Manager plan

Click Corporate Manager

Click Invite Employee

Video Demo


In this video, I’m going to show you how to scan a business card into Card.


Simply go to the Scanner, and swipe to the business card scanner.


Then lock in the business card.


Then it should automatically place in some fields, like phone number and email. As if you are copy/pasting, add the rest of the fields that you want.


If you’re a premium user, you can add this business card to a custom category for a particular networking event.


Then hit submit.